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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Moon-gazing hare

Hares are very special to us as a couple.  In the first house we rented together, at the end of a dead end lane, we often watched hares in the fields surrounding the cottage.  In fact we very nearly trod on one at the bottom of the garden one day - it ran from it's nest when we were feet away. 

This moon gazing hare is a very personal piece, it is adorned with symbols which have meaning for us.
Five stars represent the individuals in our family (one passed on, but always with us), the heart motif of inlaid African Black Wood is my design and was used for our wedding invitations and even painted on our wedding cake.  The right eye is the Ancient Egyptian Wedjat Eye (the Eye of Horus) - we are both very interested in Ancient Egyptology (we honeymooned in Egypt!).

Up his back is Celtic knotwork and on his right haunch, my stylised sunflower (also carved into my Mother's stone - see previous post)

I found the pewter ankh in a charity shop - a serendipitous find as I had grumbled about providing a piece of silver to make an ankh! (Tight?  Me? Have you seen the price of silver now?)

  He is carved out of lime, with a base of walnut.  I can't tell you how beautifully silky it feels to touch - the urge to kiss his nose is overwhelming!

Carved by my wonderful husband, Tracy Hearn.


  1. This is awesome! You should kiss his nose every now and then! Imagine the patina you will add to that area! Great piece of art Tracy.

    1. Thank you Erin, I will give him a kiss for you, too!

  2. He is wonderful, 'Nessa! I love rabbits (hares). The ones we have around here grow to be the size of a golden lab dog, and they lope through the fields like they have wings on their feet! Egypt is a place I used to have dreams about, and I've always wanted to visit. Tracy carved a beautiful work of art.

    1. Thank you, Sandy from me and Tracy, too!
      Those sound like monster hares - I'd love to see them!

      You should try to visit Egypt, it's like nowhere else. I am lucky, I've been 4 times and I'd still happily go back. The museum in Cairo is mind blowing - as are the Pyramids!