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Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year - time for some beads!

Yep, 2013 - bring it on!

I am a terribly lazy blogger and I do thank all of you who drop by to see if I've posted, it's strangely heart-warming to find I have had visitors from all over the world.  I will endeavour to post more often, but I'm not making any promises! *wink*

Want to see some beads? I am in love with a heart press I bought from a forum friend last year.
It's a Bavarian Beads press, and out of the four heart presses I now own (greedy sod!) it's fast become my favourite.

December 2012 was a tough month peronally for me, even more so as I didn't get to make many beads!  So showing these will spur me on to make more and get my Etsy shop stocked up again.

Thank you for visiting with me, may 2013 bring you peace, happiness and good health!

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