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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mothers' Day - May Blog Carnival

I've always wondered why Mothers' Day is different in the UK  - we had ours in March.   I got chocolate - yay!!
This post is part of the blog carnival I take part in along with my fellow artists in the Jewelry Artisan's Community .

I made my lovely Mum some beads for Mothers' Day this year (surprise, surprise! *grin*).
But I forgot to take photos, so I'll show you something completely different!!

Years ago, when I was travelling around India - I mean years ago - in my early 20's, I picked up a few pieces of rock in Mahabilapuram (now Mammalapuram), where many Indian stone sculptors are trained.  Using only my tiny penknife and rubbing on flagstones to smooth it,  I carved this for my mother.

The symbol on the front face in the first photo is the Sanskrit form for the mantra 'Ma', meaning mother.  There's a big 'J' - her initial, a fish - which relates to our surname.  The stylised sunflower is something I have drawn for years.

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  1. That is beautiful!! What a special gift.

  2. I am amazed at what you were able to accomplish with just a penknife. That sunflower is so detailed.

  3. That sunflower is awesome... I've done some carving it's imposible to fix mistakes! What a lovely gift!

  4. Thank you :) I have another small rough piece of this stone that I have kept for years. I'll probably do another one day.
    Thinking back, I did get very sore fingers doing it!!

  5. Totally amazing, Nessie!

    It blows my mind that you were able to do all of that beautiful intricate carving with nothing more than a pen knife. The lack of specialized tools makes it an even more special piece and one to be treasured.