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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mothers' Day - May Blog Carnival

I've always wondered why Mothers' Day is different in the UK  - we had ours in March.   I got chocolate - yay!!
This post is part of the blog carnival I take part in along with my fellow artists in the Jewelry Artisan's Community .

I made my lovely Mum some beads for Mothers' Day this year (surprise, surprise! *grin*).
But I forgot to take photos, so I'll show you something completely different!!

Years ago, when I was travelling around India - I mean years ago - in my early 20's, I picked up a few pieces of rock in Mahabilapuram (now Mammalapuram), where many Indian stone sculptors are trained.  Using only my tiny penknife and rubbing on flagstones to smooth it,  I carved this for my mother.

The symbol on the front face in the first photo is the Sanskrit form for the mantra 'Ma', meaning mother.  There's a big 'J' - her initial, a fish - which relates to our surname.  The stylised sunflower is something I have drawn for years.

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Serendipity Magazine

My 'Mantra' cuff is featured in the latest issue of  Serendipity Magazine!  Issue 4 - Symbols in Art.

I'm on pages 71 and 72 if you'd like to read the story behind my cuff.