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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Oh My Goddess

My good friend Jane Pearl has quite a collection of my beads and she actually makes wonderful pieces with them! (Rather than stashing them away and occasionally getting them out to drool on, like my Mum!).

It's always a thrill for me to see what she has made and this necklace really blew my socks off!

When asked to use a Swarovski rivoli (Jane refused to use all seven given, she's not a fan of bling) in a bead club challenge, she pulled out these early beads of mine that she hadn't found inspiration for, and made up this beauty. I think it's an amazingly inventive use of a Goddess bead.

I had this for a few days to photograph, but the weather was gloomy and my light tent is miniscule, (I just had beads on the brain when I bought it). So I can only apologise to Jane (and to you) for the poor quality of the photograph, as it really doesn't do justice to her wonderful work.

Freshwater pearls, lampwork beads, Swarovski rivoli, seed beads, amethyst and amber.
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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

We have beads!

Wow, it worked. I think.

We have beads. These were made with a wonderful BeadySam frit blend called Crocodile Rock. I don't often make sets, but I enjoyed making these and ended up with a few. There are 9 in this set and they may make it into my Etsy shop this week :)
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It's a start..

February the somethingth....Well, it's a tiny bit daunting, putting my thoughts and ramblings ( maybe sometimes rantings) out into the big wide yonder.  I have meant to blog for ages, but never got around to it.  I am an excellent procrastinator ( I use having a small boy as an excuse for this kind of procrastination ).

I get into my studio once a week, twice if I'm really lucky.  Torch-time is a precious commodity, (my lovely husband probably feels the same way about carving time).  This week, I started well, with a Sunday of torch-time (with mixed results).
Monday morning had me racing out to see what was in my kiln, (almost racing, I had to have coffee first!)  after wrestling the beads off their mandrels and giving them a little clean, I took a few photos.

I'm having trouble working out how to post photos, so hopefully , I'll be back with pics.. maybe.. sometime :)