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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Feel the Love February - it's giveaway time!

Yes, I'm having a giveaway!  There are several ways to get an entry.

* Follow my blog and tell me you've done so in the comments

* Go to my Bead Up A Storm page on Facebook and 'like' it.  Leave me a comment too, so I don't miss you.  If you are already following me on FB, just leave me a comment and I'll enter you.

* Tweet about my giveaway and let me know here on my blog.

* Like my Etsy shop on FB, and let me know by leaving me a comment here.

* Share a link to my giveaway on your FB page, or blog (or both!) and let me know with a comment.

So that's 5 entries you could have, to win this gorgeous big heart bead.
I'll contact the winner to see if you'd like it made into a pendant.

I'll draw the winner on 29th February 2012.

and lastly, thank you.  


  1. I think I figured out how to follow you! Ah, the things I'll do for one of your beads...

    1. Thanks Michelle, you got another entry! :)

  2. Blog followed, Etsy shop favorited, and FB page liked. That's one gorgeous bead!

  3. Thank you Cindy, you got 3 entries :)

  4. If I did it right, I'm now following your blog. Off to tweet!

    Ha, I was in need of a blog topic for this weekend - think I found it!


  5. following your blog and FB and twitted xxx

  6. Thanks Dawnie, you got yourself 3 entries!

    Thanks Jolene, you're in with 3 entries too :)

  7. I'm following you now Ness. I'll blog about this beautiful bead too.

  8. Thank you, Nan! I think you liked my FB page too, so you've got 3 entries!

  9. I've liked your Etsy for a long while, so now I'm coming to haunt your blog:))

  10. I like you on FB and Etsy already and tweeted!

  11. Thank you Sue, my lovely glassaholic buddy xx You're in with 2 entries :)

    Cat, as you also follow my blog (such as it is) you've got 4 entries. Thank you so much x

  12. Already liked on Facebook and shared the giveaway blog link, favoured on Etsy (drooling over the Dragon's Treasure bead) and now following your blog :D

  13. How I would love to have a chance of winning your stunning heart. I have just started polymer clay, am building up a collection (slowly) of others inspirational work.

    I am just off to Etsy to heart you and am also a follower now

    Sadly I don't have a facebook account. Good luck everyone

  14. I forgot to say that I will add this to my blog - and I've hearted your etsy so I'll never lose you now. Love love love your lampwork - it's stunning.

  15. Thanks Maureen - I really appreciate you sharing my link, you've got yourself 4 entries :)

    Hello Lottie - thank you for sharing to your blog. You've got 3 entries!

    Best of luck, ladies - thank you for your lovely comments about my beads too xx

  16. Hi Ness, just popped over from Lottie's blog as I saw the words, bead and giveaway!
    I have become a follower, so please enter me into your giveaway.
    I have back-tracked and looked at some of your older posts, lovely beads!

    Good luck to all who enter your giveaway!

    Sandie xx

  17. beautiful piece. following the blog now off to find you on FB & Twitter :)


  18. Thank you Sandie and Debbie, great to have you both entered into the giveaway!

    I'll do the draw at 10pm GMT ish :)

  19. Beautiful blog! I love that heart bead!